Friday, 25 May 2018

Tall poppies

There is a tendency for us all to look off shore for expertise, however many countries look to NZ as a world leader in education. In this post I have gathered together links to sites of NZ teachers and schools that are leading the way in open sharing of their resources for math & stats teaching and learning.  I am aways in awe of how teachers manage to complete these sites on top of everything else that is part of a teachers life.

If you have a site or know of other sites let me know and i will update this post

STEM Online A resource for NZ students by NZ teachers
Hosted under the University of Auckland learning management system CANVAS which requires a double sign up. The effort is worth making, to access the rich resource that STEM Online offers us. Resources for tables equations and graphs (AS 91028) are live and more is in the pipeline for other standards.

Nayland College is world famous in NZ for their  maths & stats site Started by Max Riley, now retired, Nayland College pioneered the open sharing of resources for teaching and learning maths.

The new Google sites makes it easy to build and share a site.
Priscilla Allan, Pakuranga College, uses Google sites to put students in charge of their learning. Have a look through her  2018 junior classes site.

Jamie Sneddon, St Kentigern College, has put together a comprehensive site for Level 2 Networks
This is a huge leap forward from the Padlets I created for Networks and Co-ordinate Geometry  a couple of years ago.
A Padlet is still however a useful tool for sharing information or collecting student feedback.

Jamie also has sites  for AS 91587 Systems of Equations  and  AS 91574 Linear Programming  and AS91264 Inference  All sites are being gathered together for easy access on Sned Maths

Tamaki College maths department site which then links to each teachers site. Miss Munoz's Year 9 class use a blog to reflect on their learning.

Best Maths is full of content for Year 7 to Year 13 . 
Ro Bairstow of Kings College is behind BestMaths

Ormiston Senior College: are leading the way in the use of spheros, personalised learning and youtube
Liz Sneddon and Subash Chandar K  are both recipients of the Earnest Duncan award for the work they have done for students and teachers across NZ.
Liz has produced a series of statistics workbooks for all  and shared via a google site
Subash is the author of the you tube channel infinityplusone. When I last looked there were over 2500 subscribers.

Jake Wills of MathsNZ fame not to be confused with NZMaths made all our lives easier with NZGrapher . In the 28 days leading up to April 18 over 900 000 dot plots alone had been created.

If you are teaching stats, which is all of us, a must read is Anna Fergusson's blog teaching stats is awesome.  I recently discovered the online VIT module of iNZight there. Perfect for a visual representation of sampling variation. Anna has also has a companion site Learning stats is awesome  with some very cool tools.

You will find all sorts at  Jim Hogan's (Team solutions) site.  Jim's site includes an archive from years gone by.

I am dabbling with google sites. I started with junior Algebra & 91028
I am liking the collections feature of Google+ to curate things.

I have found SOLO useful for helping  teachers new to NCEA understand relational and extended abstract thinking. Lots of resources available from HookED

Last week I came across these resources for pedagogy curated by The University of Auckland. This site covers many things digital for the classroom.

and recently launched is The Education Hub . At The Education Hub they are helping us to bridge the gap between research and classroom practice. Currently there are short articles and guides that could be used as a focus for department meetings around self assessment, high expectation teaching and the importance of learning skills.

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