Friday, 9 February 2018

Real stats?

With the census looming on March 6th 2018 we have an authentic context for our stats teaching and for meeting the intent  of The New Zealand Curriculum.

advertising the 2013 census

TKI notes Students can:
  • demonstrate the curriculum vision of being connected, actively involved, lifelong learners
  • explore the future focused issues of sustainability, citizenship, and globalisation
  • consider the NZC values of diversity, respect, community, and participation
  • make use of key competencies, especially using language, symbols, and texts, relating to others, thinking, and participating and contributing

In Maths & stats students may meet acheivement objectives by
  • designing and conducting their own census investigations using the statistical enquiry cycle
  • evaluating their findings
  • analysing the findings of the 2018 census and those of previous years
  • evaluating the effectiveness of different data displays.
TKI has links to a number of ideas that could be incorporated into lessons including using past data to answer questions like :

Usng an Excel spreadsheet Stats NZ combine historical data from 1876 with the latest national population projections to give an indication of the age you're likely to live to.

I particularly liked the discussion that goes with these questions
Eg. The Trends
  • New Zealanders are living progressively longer
  • women live longer than men
  • death rates continue to decline at all ages
  • life expectancy increases further for each additional year we live.
and then the  discussion about the certainty of these statements along with definitions and assumptions

From Stuff NZ: A century of change in New Zealand


Official NZ Census site
TKI - NZ Curriculum online
Census at School - the goto site for all stats teaching
NZ population statistics;

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