Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Each winter the stars of Matariki and Puanga signal the end of one year in Aotearoa, and the beginning of the next. Traditionally Mäori have recognised the rise of Matariki as a time to celebrate and prepare for the new year.

Matariki  takes place on the  25th June however  the Matariki celebrations have begun.
To see what's on check out the Matariki Festival 2017 website.

Matariki gives us an opportunity to enrich students’ mathematical experiences in a meaningful context.

Click here for a an integrated unit from NZMaths 
The unit begins with an investigation into some of the mathematics of astronomy associated with the rising of Matariki and learn where to look for the stars at the beginning of Matariki. As students work through the unit they learn about the significance of whakapapa, our family tree, and the mathematics of our descendants as they go back generations.  They discover the algebra behind a famous tukutuku design and finish off using percentages to help them build kites.

More resources

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