Thursday, 15 September 2016

Three quarters of 2016 ...

... Gone. It seems hard to believe that three quarters of 2016 is behind us. As I look back over the year there are so many things I planned to do and didn't quite get to.

Planning for the last quarter includes completing some new learning. Here I have highlighted some of the more popular online courses that are relevant to us as maths & stats teachers in NZ.

For Students
As senior students head into exams its worth having them think about how they learn best.
The most popular MOOC on Coursera is Learning How to learn. 
The course started this week  (September 12) registrations are still open.

5 options for teachers 
1. FutureLearn: Data to Insight

This course is presented by Chris Wild from The University of Auckland. It is full of really powerful ideas for teachers both in terms of our own learning and ideas for using with students.

2. Foundations of Teaching for Learning 5:  Planning for Teaching and Learning

Goto coursera 

This course will help you consider how to develop appropriate learning goals for individual and groups of students.  Week 4 is all about the spiral of inquiry lead by Judy Halbert & Linda Kaser
This is part of a series  put together by the Commonwealth Education  Trust, Canada

3. Friday Institute:
Use technology to enhance math teaching & learning, analyse student thinking, and engage students in productive. discourse.

4. How to Learn Maths for teachers & How to Learn Maths 
The is a newly recorded course from  Jo Boaler with updated materials. The course has been hugely popular among teachers across the globe with over 50 000 registrations. The teacher course cost $125  however the shorter version, How to Learn Maths is free.

5. & Face to face...
  1. U-Learn: Rotorua October 3rd-5th 
  2. Bay of Plenty Maths Conference : 18th November, Wairaki Polytechnic, Rotorua
  3. AMA Mathematics Day: 24th November
  4. AMA Statistics Day: 25th November; University of Auckland, Faculty of Education & Social Work

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