Friday, 5 June 2015

Navigating the Maze

When thinking about putting to together a learning programme I often hear , Where do I find ....  in this post I have gathered the key sites for teaching maths & stats in NZ & added links in the side bar for quick reference

The senior secondary guides  on TKI have been designed to help us develop quality teaching and learning programmes at levels 6–8 of The New Zealand Curriculum (2007). THere is a senior secondary guide for all curriculum areas.

The maths & statistics guide is full of useful information we should be using to plan our teaching & learning programme.
  • The Achievement Objectives section includes a list if what can be taught, examples of teaching activities that could be used in the teaching programme, key changes, and at the bottom of each page,Achievement standards that can be used to assess the learning.
  • Learning programme design gives examples of different courses at L1,2,3
  • The resources section has a number of interesting links, including the Plus magazine,Ted-Ed videos to build lessons around, Real world maths using google earth.


NZmaths is used for everything from level 1 to 5. There is a huge amount of information here that can be used as is or adapted for our junior programme

  • Activities from 48 of the Figure it out series are online here. Many of these activities will challenge our junior students.
  • e-AKO maths, a great resource for our year 9's with gaps this now includes activities from the algebra strand. Check out the PLD section for teachers.
  • Digital learning objects are a collection of graded online activities  
To make the best use of NZmaths create an account for free and build your plans using the resource finder


CensusAt School aims to be the first port of call for NZ teachers looking for information related to the teaching statistics 
Did your classes take part in this years Census? 
Data Collection has closed for 2015. The data will be available later in June for students to explore using the online data viewer. Previous years data is available now.


NZQA Mathematics & Statistics page is the goto page for all things for NCEA. From this page you can link to everything related to assessment & also back to the senior secondary guides.

Resources for internally assessed standards section links to 
  • Moderators newsletters, are published as needed. The April newsletter highlighted changes to online submissions of moderation materials.
  • Clarification documents  which provide extra information from the moderators based on issues that have emerged from student work that they have seen.
  • Annotated exemplars giving snapshots of student work to guide you in marking assessments.
  • Mathematics & Statistics matrices links to sample assessments for level 1,2 & 3. These should not be used as assessments. On the page for each level is a download for the maths matrix & a link to conditions of assessment.
I have created standard summaries for all internal assessments with as much of this information as I can fit onto an A3 page - click here to access.

Resources for externally assessed standards section links to
  • Previous exam papers & schedules. If you want copies of past papers with the copyrighted material included you will need to log-in using your school’s log-in. From the homepage select search exam material containing third party copyright content.
  • Annotated exemplars of student scripts. 
  • Assessment specifications.
Literacy & Numeracy Requirements  for Level 1  for University Entrance

NZQA send news via Facebook feeds. Like the NZQA Facebook page to receive notifications.

Getting NZQA Data
For school specific data, log in using your school log in and password. 
  • The Credit Summary Report is useful for giving an overall picture of a cohort and can be downloaded regularly to track student progress.
  • The Summary of Total Grades report gives a quick snapshot either by NZQA subject or School Course.

Each year NZQA produces its annual statistics report - Annual Report on NCEA & New Zealand Scholarship Data & Statistics. The 2014 report was released on May 29 and can be accessed here 

They also consolidate NCEA data each year. the .csv files may be found here 


The Vocational Pathways provide new ways to achieve NCEA Level 2. They align the NCEA Level 2 Assessment Standards including specific ‘sector related’ standards with six industries.

The profile builder is a useful tool for seeing how courses contributes to a pathway or pathways. Enter the standards of a course and watch the graphs grow.

Occupation Outlook is a free App that has useful careers information for students.


NZAMT keep teachers up to date with happenings around mathematics & statistics in NZ. They also provide teaching and assessment resources to member schools.

Information about membership is available on the website.
NZAMT also run a news feed via their Facebook Page

Regional Maths associations include

ESOL Online has a number of useful resources for maths teachers in their pedagogy section, the DVD about integrating language and learning in secondary maths & science is worth watching 

The qualities at the heart of effective leadership are

Secondary Middle Leaders section includes a range of information, tools, and resources to support secondary middle leaders. 

The National newsletters are also found  in this section of TKI.

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