Thursday, 9 April 2015

Fact or Fiction

Towards the end of Term 1 while teachers were finalising their first round of assessment grades a number of questions came up around resubmission. Who to offer a resubmission to, how much can the student "fix" up, can I tell them what to fix, how much time can they have, can we reteach them ....

I thought it would be good to share with you some of the "myths" surrounding resubmissions

Myth #5 Resubmissions

Myth #1. If I want to offer a resubmission to one student then I have to offer it to all students
Myth #2. I can show students what they should fix up
Myth #3. I can offer multiple resubmission opportunities
Myth #4. A student cannot be awarded anything higher than Achieved for a resubmission
A resubmission is offered to an individual student on a case-by-case basis.

Extracts from SecQual S2009/022 New Rules & Procedures for Further Assessment Opportunities
A resubmission should only be offered where a teacher judges that a mistake has been made by the student, which the student should be capable of discovering and correcting themselves.
A resubmission should be limited to specific aspects of the assessment and no more than one resubmission should be provided [per assessment event]. 
A resubmission can be offered after either the first or the second assessment opportunity or after both. 
Teachers should give only general advice…[and] ensure the resubmission takes place in a timely fashion. 
If a resubmission is offered, it must take place before the teacher gives any feedback to the whole class (or any student) on the work done. 
If more teaching has occurred…resubmission is not possible.

just when you thought you had it all sorted .... a few extra things to ponder
  • If conferencing with a student, write transcript notes to form part of the assessment evidence.
  • Will offering a student a resubmission improve their grade? if so go ahead.
  • How do we ensure authenticity of the resubmission.
  • What is a reasonable time to offer, bearing in mind that no further teaching or learning should take place prior to a resubmission - professional judgment will be key here 
  • How much needs to be fixed ? ..  if there’s a lot to be fixed, then it’s not a resubmission

More myths can be confirmed and busted here  

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